Tuesday, July 23, 2019

How to Save your Cryptocurrency In Binance Login & Other Platfrom In Your Smartphone

How to Save your Cryptocurrency In Binance Login & Other Platform In Your Smartphone

From the time cryptocurrencies have been popular, There way people who try to steal these digital currencies. The reason can be varied, but the aim is to take it and then use it. The thing is since these cryptocurrencies work on a decentralized system. In this system, it is almost impossible to get back the digital currencies, once they are stolen. The only way to save it is to take precautions. You should not only be careful while doing it on your computer but Your smartphone as well.

Cybercriminals are creating fake wallets & Platforms to lure you into giving your account details. For example, Binance has been at the forefront of getting hacked. If you are performing Binance login, be careful to see if you are doing it one the original website. Sometimes, you may get redirected to a fake Binance login website. We are going to tell you some tips for keeping your account safe.

How to Save your Cryptocurrency accounts on your smartphones
Binance Login

Fake exchange apps

As soon as a cryptocurrency exchange announces their official app, The fake apps related to it get launched as well. Be Aware of them. We can take the example of Poloniex and Binance Login as well. There are several Fake apps related to them on Google play store & iOS store. Here you need to careful otherwise you may lose your account.

First thing you need to do is to check the official exchange website to see if there is an App from the exchange website. The second thing is to check the reviews of the app. If the app is fake, there will be a complaint about it, Read the report carefully to determine. 

Some people may get scammed, some may complain about service. However, you should also be careful if an app has perfect reviews as well. Any genuine app will have both positive and negative reviews. If possible, download the app from the official exchange website.

Fake wallets

The same things can be said about fake wallets, check the review, check their website, and their performance on the site as well.

So, these are the two things you need to take care when you are using Cryptocurrencies accounts on your smartphone.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

How To Deposit In Binance To Buy Cryptocurrency?

You have already created an account on cryptocurrency trading platform Bianche. However, if you are not aware of how to buy those Digital currencies? To start buying them, you first need to deposit money on Binance. In this blog, we are going to tell you about, How to deposit coins In Binance account?


Begin the process?
There are more than 150 Cryptocurrencies on Binance. You can exchange any one of them. For this blog, we are going to see how to deposit money from trust wallet? If you find any errors in our process, Kindly tell us in the Comments Section.
We begin by Doing the Binance login. When you are logged in, Go to your profile icon. Click on the option deposit. Now, a new page will open. On this page, every cryptocurrency, which is available for trading is present here. Sometimes a few of them could be unavailable due to maintenance.  You can see the list of coins on the left side, while the other details will emerge on the right side. Now when you select a currency for a deposit, on the right side, two options will come. You can copy the addressee or scan the QR code.  Here is the thing you need to remember; every coin process is going to be different. For example, when you are buying Binance Coin(BNB), A memo is required upon depositing it to Binance Login. OK, Click on I understand.

 The second process, we need to complete. Open Your trust wallet, Login. It will show you the list of the coin you can deposit. If you want to download the app, download it from Google Play store, iOS Store. Select the crypto coin, which you wish to collect. .Click on send.

Now, it will give Two Option. The address, where you want to send the amount, and how much you want to send. Paste the address, copied from Binance Login address, then the number of coins. After filling the details, click on done. Now You have completed the deposit process on Binance.
If you face any problem doing Binance login, try to enter a password with caution. We hope this blog will be helpful for you.

Friday, July 19, 2019

How to create wallet In Binance Dex?

Binance keeps adding a new feature on its platform. The latest feature enabled by Binance is Binance dex and Biancne chain. However, in this blog, we are going to tell you about how to create a wallet on binance dex. Via binance dex, You can learn how to do trading with cryptocurrency, since it is on test net. So, you can learn to trade with experience. When you are ready, you can start your trading with real money. However, for now, let's see about creating a wallet? We hope this blog will be useful to you.

Steps to creating the wallet?

Creating the wallet is easy on Dex. Go to finance official dex site or On testnet It does not include going to Binance login.  Make sure you are landing on the right page. When you open the page, It will automatically ask you to create a wallet. There are a few things; You need to remember. A Keystore which stores both your private key & Public key. It is password protected.

Then next is the Mnemonic Phrase, in simple words, It a list of words, which will give access to your account. However, it would help if you did not use it regularly. Then, at last, a private key will be provided to you. Again Do not use it regular basic, Only keep it is as your Backup.

Binance Login
Binance Login

Ok, Lets us begin the process, again do not go to the Binance Login page. However, balance dex page. On this page, first, there are few instructions. If you want, you can read them to understand it better. So, after reading it, keep clicking next. When it is finished, you are now able to create a wallet. First create a password, which includes an upper case, and a lower case. Then re-enter your password. Click on download Keystore file. Here is a three-line warning  When you are trying to create the wallet. Under no situation, Binance can Recover Your account.

Now, the mnemonic phrase will appear. Make Sure; you note it down.  From there, follow the instructions to create the account. Now your Binanc dex wallet has been created.

We hope this post will be helpful for you.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

How to Whitelist Address on Binance?

There are various features in Binance, which make it a unique cryptocurrency platform. One of those features is the whitelisted address. We are Going to explain what you can enable on your Binance account. If you are doing trading on Binance, It's Security to know its features to do Binance? Better trading.

What is whitelist Address?

When you want to transfer your funds to an address, it depends upon the Finance address. In simple terms, If an account whitelist on Binance Login or any other platform  You can send the fund to the how.

Binance Login

How its works
The process is simple.  When you have turned off the whitelist feature, You can send money to any address. Whether the account is verified or not, it does not matter. It's a security feature offer binance to secure the account. When the whitelist is on, You can transfer the funds to only those account which have been whitelisted.
It's an essential feature since hackers are trying to gain access to your account. Moreover, if they do it via phishing, the hackers won't be able to withdraw the funds from your account if you have turned on the whitelist feature.

How to Enable it?
First, we need to perform Binance login. Then On the homepage, Go to profile Icon. Now you see a list of all the options. Click ON the Security Tab. Upon the opening of the security tab,  you will see various options. We need to Go to Address management.
Click on it. Now on the right side, two-factor will see the option of whitelist OFf and on. Drag it right. It will ask you to confirm when you confirm it.
After it, Binance will ask you to do two-factor authentication, Complete it Via Google authentication, Sms Authentication or Physical security key once the confirmation is done. You can create a whitelist. However, turned when you are creating the whitelist for the first time. You need to authenticate again. In two-factor, you encounter a problem at Binance login, make sure to use two-factor auth for a smooth login.
We hope this blog will help you to create a whitelist on Binance.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Binance API(Application programming interface) Creation Guide

Binance is a Cryptocurrency trading platform. It is one of the largest platforms to trade cryptocurrencies. So if you are someone who wants to start trading in crypto, this is the website, You should Go for, however, if you are a user, who wants to provide real information on their website via binance platform. The Binance API is the tool; you should look for. It is effortless to implement on the third party website. You need to Binance login, then follow the instructions to set up the API. In this blog, we will tell you how to set up the API and what are a few things you need to know.

How to Set Up to the Binance API

In this brief Guide, Follow the step by step guide to creating the API.  We will start by Going to Binance Login page. Make sure you visit the website with VPN if you on a public network. Now Visit the site, head to  Sign-in page. Enter your credentials.  Upon login, from the menu, you can see the API management. Click on it.

Now, the process will begin. First, you need to choose a name for the API key. Any name will do the job; there are no restrictions upon the name. Now Binance will ask for your Google Authentication code, which is a two-factor code. If you have not set-up it, Click on SMS authentication to verify the credentials.
Binance Login
Binance Login

 Once the authentication process is complete, Google Will send you a confirmation code on your registered email on Finance account. If you did not receive the code, check the spam folder, verify the email address is correct or not. If you have still not received the code, Log Out from the account, Again Do a Binance Login, Repeat the process. This time make sure to check the email or the phone number.
Now, Binance will show you the option to Confirm Create the API. Now You will get an API Key and A secret key. Keep it somewhere safe, since it appears only once. Binance API can receive up to 10 orders per second.

We hope you will like the blog on Binance.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Tips Securing Your accounts In Binance Exchange Login

If you are starting your trading in Binance, your Account is the most critical asset in binance. Your Trading information, The total amount of cryptocurrencies and your banking information. So it's become essential to secure your account, So you do not lose access hence your digital currency as well.

There are some basic things to follow before we Go into serious steps of securing your account. First of them is not to share your password with anyone.  You do not what they would Do with your account? For example, a friend of your accounts calls you and says, he wants to see how binance works.? Well, cryptocurrencies are a sensitive matter. So Do not share your account details with anyone.
The second thing is more important. If someone calls, claiming to be from Binance, Do not ever reply or share your details. Binance Login Exchange does not send emails or call for any services. It is the user who can ask for any help or services. Finance never does it upfront. If someone calls, it is a total fraud.
The third most important thing to do is to enable two-factor authentication. By doing it, every time you need to login, Binance will know it is the real you, who is accessing the account. Not a fake person or a hacker.
Binance Login 

Now we should Focus on How to secure your trading account. Try to create a unique email address which is not easily guessable; You can use KeePass or LastPass.
Make sure you visit only the BinanceOfficial Site. Never visit on fake ones. Sometimes, when you visit Binance.com, you get redirected to a different site, which is a phishing website. So, before entering your account details, Check for binance website authenticity.

If you see an email in your account by binance, Never click on any link or open any attachments. It could be a  malware or virus to infect your computer, stealing your Details. Check the email address, Be sure, it is sent by binance, only then open it.
So these are some security tips for securing your binance account.